Area hotels are already accepting reservations for the 2014 Super Bowl


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The New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey, home of the NY Giants and the NY Jets, has been selected as the first Super Bowl host site that’s neither in a warm weather city nor under a dome. The Meadowlands Region is excited for Super Bowl XLVIII and continues to plan for the arrival of more than 100,000 guests, many who may be enjoying the area’s hotels for the first time. It isn’t too early to start thinking about or even booking your hotel room for the 2014 Super Bowl to be held (for the first time ever) at the Meadowlands. As the clock ticks down toward the 2014 Super Bowl, many if not all of the local hotels are gearing up for the big game. Many area hotels such as the Residence Inn by Marriott, the Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel in East Rutherford, and the  Holiday Inn & Suites Parsippany (NJ) are accepting inquiries and even reservations for the big game.


What You Need To Know


  • The 2014 Super Bowl is scheduled for Sunday, February 2, 2014.
  • The Meadowlands are accessible from both New Jersey and New York City including Mass Transit options
  • The new Meadowlands Stadium will not be domed, and, therefore, heavy winter clothing will be needed. Early February can be brutally cold in New Jersey and snow is always a possibility.


If the hotel you wish to book requires a deposit make sure you understand the cancellation policies before putting down any money. Reserve your rooms early to to get a great rate.

While the Meadowlands are only about 6 miles from Midtown Manhattan, traffic is often extremely heavy and on Super Bowl Sunday it is being predicted to be monstrous. If you are planning on driving to the game you should allow yourself several HOURS to arrive and park.

Many hotel reservations are booked by corporate event planners, media executives and others involved in arranging sports travel accommodations. The glitz of game day would grow jobs at the stadium and around the area for a full month, as fans flock to New York to soak in the Super Bowl experience, according to Mark Lamping, CEO of the the New Meadowlands Stadium. The 2014 Super Bowl will cater to 82,500 ticket-holders, and another 150,000 out-of-towners lured in by the excitement of the NFL’s biggest game.

That should mean big gains for hotels. In other cities, host hotels have jacked up rates up to 160% during the week of the title game. If you to find Short Term Vacation Home Rental or reserve hotels for your favorite Bowl Game or NFL Football game such as the Superbowl, you’ve come to the right place.


Located just minutes from the stadium, guests will be a quick shuttle ride to the game and have a short commute to all the Super Bowl activities in New Jersey and New York.There are more than enough hotels between NJ and NY to host the fans that travel to the game from out of state. Hotels in the Meadowlands Region, which include the NYC Sheraton Superbowl hotel, Hyatt Superbowl hotel and Marriott Super Bowl hotels, anticipate 100 percent occupancy and will offer guests the most conveniences for the game at the best rates or you can kick off your plans @ Holiday Inn & Suites Parsippany, for a great hotel guests love.


Additionally, the modern amenities will accommodate guests’ needs. Conference rooms and web access will allow business professionals to conduct business during their stay and the restaurants, fitness centers and concierge services will make everyone’s stay more enjoyable.

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